Samsung Yepp is a line of portable digital audio players that use the MP3 digital audio format. Music files are stored on flash memory so there are no moving parts ensuring skip-free music. The shock-proof Yepp players are compact but full of extra features like voice recording, FM tuning, Smart Memory Card expansion and 3-line LCD displays. MP3 music files can be downloaded from internet mp3 sources and stored right in your Yepp's internal memory or memory card.

Samsung’s portable entertainment players let you take your music and digital media farther than ever before. From music to digital video, Samsung has a digital player that plays virtually any format. The built-in FM tuner/decoder feature records songs from the radio right into your player!

The 20GB Yepp Napster™ HDD Player holds up to 5,000 songs and can encode audio from virtually any source – so you don’t need a PC to convert your CDs, LPs or cassettes.

Just under two inches long, slip a Yepp Digital Audio Player into your pocket and hit the road or hit the gym with the Yepp Sports, which has a built-in heart rate monitor, calorie counter and stopwatch. For the ultimate in portable entertainment, there’s the Yepp Portable Media Center, which plays up to 80 hours of digital video or 5,000 songs.

Whatever your passion, Samsung has the portable player that rocks on!

Find the Yepp player that's right for you.

Past (Discontinued) Samsung Yepp MP3 Player Information:

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